Soltron Cham S40

The compact chassis with its extremely classy micro-effect finish, combined with the high-gloss finish and sporty button in Champ design, show style and taste. With 38 Soltron high-tech lamps at 100 watts or 160-watt class, 3 facial tanners (each with a PSR of 360 or 400 watts and Soltron 2 fi lter technology), and the proven and tested reflex neck tanner, you are guaranteed effective and even tanning. Thanks to the Soltron fan with its 4 settings, you can be sure of keeping cool.


  • 38 Soltron high-tech tubes with 160 watt lamps
  • 3 400w Facial Tanners 
  • Soltron Fan
  • Reflex Neck Tanner



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