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Sportarredo NJoy Mix

This unit has a contemporary design in yellow tones. A combination of high and low pressure technology is finally available. A wide reflecting surface and the perfect combination of high- and low-pressure lamps for extraordinary results is provided. The N'Joy Mix tanning bed features:

  • 13 1000 watt High Intensity lamps
  • 16 160 watt high output reflective lamps
  • Body fan & built-in speakers
  • Up to 12 minute tanning sessions

Ergoline Avantgarde 600

The luxurious Ergoline Avantgarde is designed for those that are interested in building their base tan quickly. Its powerful design provides stronger bronzing results recommended for advanced tanners.

  • Built in music system
  • 12 minute maximum exposure time.
  • High pressure shoulder and facial tanners

Sunscape 756V

Reach for the stars with the SunScape 756V tanning booth. Featuring 200-watt tanning technology, this new stand up tanning booth has 2-meter lamps for complete head to toe tanning. The new optional dressing room assures complete privacy for your clients tanning in the SunScape SS756V tanning booth.

Made specifically for serious tanners, the power and advanced cooling system will keep your clients coming back for more!


The SunScape 756V tanning booth features:

  • 56 200w HOT lamps
  • Wrap-around design
  • Body fans
  • Speakers
  • Up to 8 minute tanning sessions

Ergoline Classic 450

The Classic 450 is a very popular high-performance tanning system for advanced tanners. The 46 lamps deliver a deep dark tan in just 12 minutes or less. This super bed is engineered to keep the lamps close to the body, providing supreme tanning results. The wrap around design ensures 360 degree complete body coverage. The Classic 450 provides fantastic results.


  • 42 160w HOT lamps
  • 4 500w high pressure facial lamps
  • Wrap-around design
  • Body fans
  • Speakers
  • Up to 12 minute tanning sessions

Soltron Champ S40

The compact chassis with its extremely classy micro-effect finish, combined with the high-gloss finish and sporty button in Champ design, show style and taste. With 38 Soltron high-tech lamps at 100 watts or 160-watt class, 3 facial tanners (each with a PSR of 360 or 400 watts and Soltron 2 fi lter technology), and the proven and tested reflex neck tanner, you are guaranteed effective and even tanning. Thanks to the Soltron fan with its 4 settings, you can be sure of keeping cool.



The SunScape 756V tanning booth features:

  • 38 Soltron high-tech tubes with 160 watt lamps
  • 3 400w Facial Tanners
  • Soltron Fan
  • Reflex Neck Tanner

Ergoline Passion 40/3

The Ergoline Passion 40/3 Turbo Power is the top model of this new series and offers high-end tanning performance and comfort. The strength of this model is evident in its 40 Turbo/Super Power UV lamps, three 400-watt glass reflector high-pressure units and two additional UV-B spaghetti lamps in the facial area. This combination guarantees an intense and long-lasting tan. The use of glass reflectors in the facial tanners as well as additional spaghetti lamps enhances this sunbed’s appeal as having a true passion for power. Besides this compact sunbed’s amazing level of power, it also has premium comfort features. The ergonomic Bodyform Plus base acrylic perfectly positions the tanner for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a larger sunbed. The airflow available with the Comfort Cooling ventilation system is superior to simpler systems and provides a level of relaxation unique to this level of sunbed. Finally, the distinctive lines and the illuminated décor give the Ergoline Passion 40/3 an incredible personality that fits any salon’s interior design.

Solaris 442

The 42-lamp Solaris 442 tanning bed uses a proprietary phosphor blend that emits the perfect mix of UVA and UVB light to give your customers both immediate an delayed tanning results. The Solaris 442 comes equipped with premium plus series features, the Xtreme Reflection™ facial tanning system, and high-gloss shoulder reflectors. The Solaris 442 tanning bed features:

  • 42 100 watt lamps
  • 3 - 400 watt high pressure facials
  • Body fan & built-in speakers
  • Up to 15 minute tanning sessions